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Seven Masterminds Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live. Seven Masterminds
Norman Cousins
Seven Masterminds Diary of the Seven Virgins is a powerful book that will arouse the inner you and help to guide you towards fulfilling your life’s dreams. When you read the title, it is not what you would expect at all. It hits you like a bolt of lightning, when you discover the kind of virgins these men and women who wrote the diary are … or were, mental virgins. But they are definitely on target, and anyone with a modicum of education and a little bit of wisdom fully concurs with the point they make … mental virginity is not a virtue. According to these seven writers, to get to know yourself, to live your heart’s desires, to experience successful relationships and fulfill your purpose in life, you must lose your mental virginity. The virgin mind signifies ignorance, unconsciousness and slumber. Both scientists and psychologists confirm that for even the most brilliant of us, our minds are largely virginal – the vast expanse remains untouched and unexplored for most of our lives. These writers challenge you to join with them on a journey they have embarked on. They invite you to lose your mental virginity, and begin tapping into the unexplored recesses of your own mind: you will never be the same again. Read books, watch DVDs, listen to CDs, they say. All seven writers in Diary of the Seven Virgins explore how their life changed through their encounter with a book, or books. Even though they are university graduates and professionals, they each started the journey through an epiphany, when their eyes were open to their own ignorance and to the realization that in spite of what they thought they knew, in fact, they were mental virgins. Their story explains how once they came to terms with that reality, they were open to learning and life took on new meaning and depth. Seven Masterminds
Fay Davidson, Educator and Author of God’s Notebook
Seven Masterminds - Diary of the Seven Virgins