Seven Masterminds - Diary of the Seven Virgins
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Seven Masterminds Once available for the masses I am going to make this book a required reading for my staff. You took all the most important aspects of various teachings and put it to pen and paper; teachings that used to be or should be intuitive but life and its challenges have created a time where we may have lost it along the way. It was such a huge relief to have them condensed and explained so well - it provided a deeper explanation of many of the things I feel but have not been able to articulate. I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from your many years of experience and insight - Diary of the Seven Virgins is a must read. Seven Masterminds
Hoss Astaraki, Chairman & CEO
Frontline Technologies Inc.
Toronto, Canada.
Seven Masterminds Knowledge is power. These authors have provided knowledge based on their lived experiences and learnt lessons from such experiences. With the knowledge provided from reading this book, others can glean from and use as leverage, the information in their own lives, to improve themselves, others, and the world around them. This book has helped be to become a better husband, father, friend, brother, and man. Seven Masterminds
Peter H. L. Farquharson, D.B.A.
Adjunct Faculty, South University Online
Seven Masterminds Diary of the Seven Virgins through its seven authors is a must read and well written book for a generic audience. It simplistically provides several channels through which your mind can explore the true essence of meaningful living by examining some key values and lessons of life. Seven Masterminds
Esendugue Greg Fonsah, Associate Professor and Author
University of Georgia
Seven Masterminds The book successfully conveys the exuberance, excitement and love of life felt by the group. Seven Masterminds
Sylvia Johnson, Barrister
London, U.K
Seven Masterminds I have a limited number of books in my ‘life transforming’ category of books, but I can honestly say that Dairy of the Seven Virgins has earned a permanent spot in that list. It is a life changing book that must not be over looked by anyone. Seven Masterminds
Yahaya Baruwa, Best-selling author of Struggles of a Dreamer
Seven Masterminds TA very inspiring read. This can be a very useful self-help tool as many lessons can be taken ( learned) from these personal accounts of Life's challenges, and applied to one’s own difficult situations. Seven Masterminds
Frank McIntyre, President
CMF Marketing Enterprises
Toronto, Canada
Seven Masterminds A simple read with a Therapeutic impact that will provide an inspirational guide to life challenges. Seven Masterminds
L. Barnswell, President & CEO
Adamas International
Mississauga, Canada
Seven Masterminds - Diary of the Seven Virgins