Seven Masterminds - Diary of the Seven Virgins
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Seven Masterminds We came together in 2003 a result of a common business interest. Through the business training process, we quickly realized that we needed to build ourselves before we can build the paycheque. Over the years we've had our struggles, obstacles, setbacks and other challenges. As we discovered the Personal Development path, we were able to allow our differences to bind us closer rather than separate us… To try our best to focus on our strengths, rather than our weaknesses; that can be tough when faced with challenges. It takes hard work, patience and constant rejuvenation to keep us grounded as we work on improving our lives.

We're now committed to empowering others with what we've learned, while we seek to learn from others. One of our primary goals is to create awareness that there's more to life than merely existing. Everyone can achieve much more... We are by no means exempt from the troubles of this world. We continue to have our own struggles; that's what life brings. It is up to us to find ways to learn from these experiences and conquer life's challenges.

In 2009 we had an idea to write about our personal experiences. That has evolved into us sharing our stories with the world. Now we've completed and published our book related to our experiences and the lessons we've learned. The hope is that we can touch lives with simple, everyday, relatable stories. You'll have a good laugh. You may say to yourselves, "That happened to me too." You'll come to realize that every experience in life come to us with a lesson... and much more... Those were our "virgin" years...

This book, Diary of the Seven Virgins is for sure be a page turner...

In our own words
Seven Masterminds Thanks to my husband Errol, for his time, effort, feedback and relentless support throughout this life changing endeavor. Seven Masterminds
Angelita Barnswell
Seven Masterminds Thanks to Peter James for his invaluable support and guidance. Seven Masterminds
Curline Bennett
Seven Masterminds Thanks to Eckhart Tolle for the wisdom and numerous take-aways shared within the pages of his book "The Power of NOW". Seven Masterminds
Maurice Burnside
Seven Masterminds I thank my wife Sumediah Forsac for her beautiful heart; my sons Nell and Ray who warm my heart daily; my siblings and parents for love; Mbua David Evelle for genuine friendship. Seven Masterminds
Amatus Forsac
Seven Masterminds I thank my mother Madeline, for her love; my late brother Ricky who was my inspiration; my other siblings; my wife Lorna and son Chinoy for their endless support; my friend Adeniyi for his encouragement. Seven Masterminds
Fitzroy Grossett
Seven Masterminds Thanks to my cousin Joycelin Locke for giving me the book His Needs Her Needs, and my daughter Orchid-Olivia who inspired me to look deeply within and to become my better self. Seven Masterminds
T. Peter James
Seven Masterminds I dedicate this to my children, LJ and Alex; always dream BIG! Nothing is impossible! I never thought a book was within me. Seven Masterminds
Lloyd F. Richards
Seven Masterminds - Diary of the Seven Virgins